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First off, GIS data stands for Geographical Information Systems.  This is data that makes up maps.  Same stuff that goes into a map database.  Usually street maps are based after street-level maps map of this. 

This site deals with many things that have to deal with maps (such as cell phone tracking, you need a map database to find a location and digitally display it on a map to locate something), Therefore this site needs maps, maps in GIS data that are street level for the nation.  Thanks for ANYTHING!

I haven't been able to find FREE MAP LAYER GIS DATA over the internet yet, so if anyone knows of a site that gives away street-level GIS data for the Entire US, please tell us about it.   

If anyone has any questions or comments about GIS data, please feel free to email me.

These words can be used in google (anagram combinations of ones that fit together) for ample search results on GIS data (information only) and GIS compilers, but sadly no free GIS data that can be compiled into something that will create a map. 

As a heads up, you will find most sets of words that include the words metadata or spatial when searching for map data from google, these are just words that describe what kind of data the map is written in.

Open source, street, street, GIS, Geographical Information Systems, world, geographic, map, mapping, software, map-objects, Grid, digital, Street-level map data, Street-level map detail data, Public geographic data metadata, RouteMap IMS (a program that is very good at map details), Free United States street-level GIS map data dataset, ARCGIS (another program), Nortad, GIS data and resources, geospatial, c++ map databases (for source code of map databases that it written in c++, change the c++ for desired programming langauge), "C++ source code" digital street "map database", c++ source code digital street map database.

Again, for any free Map data at a street-level size that you can either provide me, or provide me a website with would be much appreciated.


GIS DATA examples

This is an example of GIS data in 3D, the image is curtesy of

Another example...

This is another example of GIS data, more on the street-level layer than anything else.