About The Alliance

About The Alliance

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The Alliance is all about hacking, the background of hacking, cell phone tracking (also called triangulation, and one of our favorite topics), GIS data(Geographical Informational Systems, and used in many mapping programs), and many other computer related stuff that causes, hehe mischief : ) not that we approve of any such behavior.

The History or Story Behind our Site

This site has been a dream of mine and a couple friends for a while.  My friends and I have had an interest in hacking since the Middle school, and are skilled in programming, hacking, and forging.  This site is for us to express our knowledge on to other people.  Thanks for visiting.

Others, their sites, and communication between them.

We are affiliated with a couple other sites, some of which are hacking, some of which are just computer-related.  We have contacted with many of the site's web hosts and legal departments and are not allowed to show our relation to them for legal issues.  The links posted on this site are just for informational uses, and bear no legal-connection to us in any way.